Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pioneers of their own.

It is our innate human tendency to subscribe to a certain formula, trend and pattern to grasp a situation. We tend to draw similarities from people we know. We try to assimilate our situation and to get an understanding of our lives and others. So we would roam aimlessly, trying to find that trend in someone else's life to fit ours perfectly in order to speculate on our fortune and outcome in the future.

And then we forget that everyone has different lives. One's journey cannot be prescripted as an answer to another. No one takes the same route. What works for someone may have an adverse effect on ours. Decisions that deem a success for someone may not have the same reassuring effect for us. Life is not stencilised as we would hope it to be. No, we cannot affix a formula to get what we desire.

It is freehand drawing. Every etch on the paper determines the next. To boldly draw a line would be reckless. Do not loose the image in our minds. Hold on to it and it will come to life on the paper.

Do not loose the picture of what you want to be. Then decide on the etches. Do not draw formulas and trends from someone else's journey, draw inspiration.

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