Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So i took a taxi to work today. It did a damage of $30 and it was a pain. My brother took my car out and did not come back in time. I was boiling.

So i called up the taxi service and told them my address. 10 minutes passed and yet no sight of the damn yellow falcons. I called them up again, trying to suppress my intense vexation and ire. I said calmly my address one more time. They put me on hold for 10 minutes on my mobile. I hung up.

Scurriedly put on my shoes and ran out to the streets when i saw the yellow taxi drove past my street. I fumed.

Called the taxi line again and shouted: "Oh my God! the taxi drove past my house! It is MULBRY, not MOWBRAY which is further down the damn road." She said "hold on" and was brusquely replaced by music. I hung up.

About to hit the call button again when i caught the taxi creeping up incredulously annoying and slow towards my direction in the distance. Hailed like a madman. Stormed into the car, looked at my street name post, pointed and screamed unrestrained "ARE YOU STUPID??? CAN YOU NOT EVEN SEE THAT SIGN? I AM FUCKING LATE FOR WORK! COME ON MAN! DRIVE!!! TO CHADSTONE!" The Arab guy started swearing at me but i was too flustered to attend to his unhappiness. I was worried sick not to be late for work. But i was.

Midway to work i called my brother's mobile to give him a piece of me. Unreachable.

Fortunately i apologized at the end of the taxi trip.
Still angry though.


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Harry Toulacis said...


Are you okay? I feel sorry for you. Hate it when things like that happen. That's gotta be tough. I was actually fuming myself just by reading that! lol Amazing. You are pure genius when it comes to the telling of written stories. I love it! Pure Genius. I rest my case!