Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It’s like Wow! Today is madness galore! A day with stark contrasts and breaking news. Petrol prices!!! It is just amazing. In just a few days, prices have fluctuated from 145.9 cents a litre to 119.5 cents! A delight really, just amazing.

And then I received a call from my friend who just found out she got pregnant. Like Wow! And no, it was not within the parameters of a marriage. Do not enquire of me their intentions of the fetus’s future. Do not want to delve into it just yet. But yes, I could not help myself. Pardon my insensitivity in spite of her destitute and trust in confiding the news with me BUT, I just had to take a jab at it. So I jokingly chided, “So did you want a dictionary for Names?”

AND THEN!!! Lo and behold! My o’faithful cell phone (that said with an intense connotation of sarcasm) bungled on me. I mentioned previously the profound reliability of Korean Electronics. Well here is a sample of one that is merely 5 months old.

Utterly speechless. How could trash like this make it through quality control? How did it ever satisfy the criterions of the ISO??? Un-be-lie-va-ble.

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xavier said...

well well... WAT did u do while on the phone ah? ;p