Sunday, September 24, 2006

It rained heavily today.

And i was driving to my part time work. I ponder if i am overworking myself. 8 hours a day during the week in the office and 12 hours working at the bar on the weekends. I am young, i suppose i could get away with it.

20 metres from my work place and a boorish motocyclist zoomed and swerved between us cars rudely and rowdily. Cursing him in my head hoping he would collide in some castastrophic freak accident i blasted the music relishing the final minutes i had before i had to don on my alcohol infused apron and work the bar.


Revving the engine i made the U turn to work when i saw right up ahead approximately 100 metres from my car the same motorcyclist sprawled in the middle of the road with his bike metres away from him. It was surreal. I assumed his bike slidded off the wet bitumen and went crashing down. He then stood up and began walking towards his bike spectated by all the vehicles in the very big intersection.

I would be lying if i denied having any grain of satisfaction in my heart.

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Harry Toulacis said...

I think your entries get better and better. Perfection!