Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Driving home from work and i realised my high school librarian was driving alongside me. Immediately i was bombarded with images of her face. The times when we had a great deal of heated friction between us. In essence, you could say she was a complete bitch who was determined to make my visit at the school library a frustrating and an unenjoyable stay. Perhaps i was as uncompromising and as hot headed as her... Because somehow a great deal of my classmates gave her the leeway. Although we all unanimously concur of her controlling and unreasonable library policies. Actually, come to think of it we hated her guts. Her face was just of the greatest annoyance. It was bitter, hateful and never ceased to irk my irritance within.

Then i remembered one day as i was using the computer facilities in the library did she approach me with something to say that totally blew me away. She said sorry. Well the gist of what she muttered on that day was that she was going through a difficult time of her life in that period and that she realised her attitude towards others was not acceptable. She placed her arms around me and asked for my forgiveness. I hesitated.

Nevertheless i returned her hug and said that it was all fine. Naturally things were much different from that day on. As if all that nastiness were ursurped at that point in time. And then i see her driving side by side me today. Hmm.

So yes it was my first day at work today. Apart from the torment of feeling my eyeballs were being gouged out and mere lethargy, it was exciting. There were so much information and prodecures to digest and to execute in a short space of time. Basically it was a learn as you go process. It was like bang bang bang! I love my manager. She just exudes sincerity and warmth. The staff were extra helpful and caring, particularly the ladies. They showed the new recruits (me included) all the workings of the office.

I took home a small booklet of all the financial terms i have to get my tongue and head around. And then theres the inhouse software to accustomise myself to.

Tired as i am, i am off to watch Silent Hill at 9.30 tonight. Catch ya lata!

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