Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Have you ever received news so good you just cried? News so good until you are jumping in the midst of those who have always supported you, too ecstatic to open your mouth to reveal the news? News so good you cannot help but smile all day long and hugging those around you?

Thank you Lord Jesus... From the depth of my heart.


Harry Toulacis said...

Hey Aaron mate,

How are ya? I just came across something I think will benefit you.

You should really somehow publish your blog through my publisher as a 'blook'. There is a competition running. Entries close in Jan next year and I really believe that the material on your blog could possibly win.

There's more information here if you want to look at it. ;-)

Catcha bro


Azza said...

Hey thanks mate for the pointers.

Harry said...

Most welcome. ;-)