Friday, September 08, 2006

It is the youth, my generation that sees us as the definition of life. The antecedent of all things young and vibrant. We thought we defined the new age and the way to live life, that the old ARE old and that their lives have come to a stand still. Plateaued by the throes of age and stagnated by their physical limitations.

I stand corrected.

Some of the people who contain the most vivacious and foreward outlook in life ARE the old. They have splintered the fallacy fore mentioned. I have not felt as vibrant and motivated ABOUT life by being with them. Yes, i have a few mature aged friends that i do spend time with. They are great. A dash of wisdom, a pinch of maturity and a pouring of vibrancy and optimism different from what i see in my kin. They say, "Life is too short to be boring." Who else is more qualified to say that than them? Because they have lived life. And because they have, they reach out to a freedom different to what a young graduate aspires to. The world is at their feet. Ready to trek the mountains of Manchu Picchu and scale the Great Wall.

Learn from them!

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