Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cultures, with it comes the good and bad. Filter out the bad seeds of a society and learn the good of other cultures to make living a better one.

The conclusion of a Chinese banquet style dinner and then comes the embarrassing scrambling for the bill by different families. The goal? To symbolise fortune, to have "face", to protray an image that they have got their financial act together and ultimately to feel that they have done everyone on the round table a tremendous act of charity and generosity.

Driving home and then it dawns on them the magnitude of the bill. The impulsion of their foolish act of the unneeded charity work. The "face" and recognition they gained that probably dissipated in the memories of the dinner guests within the hour. The pangs of the damage done to their wallet haunting them through the weekend. Seriously? It is just not worth it.

The conclusion of dinner and each individuals calculates their own share of the bill and contributes their part. Simple, straightforward and free. No feelings of remorse, no feelings of obligations or indebtedness. Perfect.

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