Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feeeeelll the PRESSURE!

I am starting to feel the pinch at work now. By that i am referring to the pressure placed on you from your neighbour sitting at the next carousel up to my manager, my director and the CEO!

So okay, i have been at this job for say 6 weeks? And since 3 weeks ago i have already been inundated with "High Priority" work. However, the past and coming week will be the true test of my resilience and competency.

So the program in which the company invested $1 million on is on a stand still. Apparently everything is fine back up in Sydney where the head office is but the program runs at a crawl here in Melbourne.

And i am thrown in the middle, expected to make a modified version of this program to counter this inconvenience whilst the technicians in Sydney work up a solution.

And because i have an IT background i am given the responsibility. Shivers!

My director has suspended all my key roles in the finance side of things to go back to my IT roots.

So okay i have been working on the prototype. Sent it to Sydney today for the Managers to have a look there and will be avaiting feedback by Thursday.

I actually enjoy this. But it is exactly something like this, the pressure and the costs involved that keeps someone awake at night albeit the aid of sleeping pills.

Inherently i may save my company $12000 or cost them $12000. It is a small deal of money compared to other projects they are doing but for goodness sakes i have only just started!!!

Do not get me wrong. I am not complaining. This is exactly the sort of stuff i wanted. To grow and develop myself professionally under the vigilance of my superiors.

Will be sleeping on it again.

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Harry Toulacis said...

you're so funny