Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Made a forced trip to the gym to revitalise my month old dilapidated body. The past month gave me no allowance to exercise, coupled with the artic cold weather my body has shrunken... I reckond. So yeah, i pushed myself to my previous threshold. Too proud to twitch the notch any lower. God i was rusty.

Releasing the bar with a crash, i walked out feeling almost on the brink of fainting. My eardrums was echoing, i felt dizzy and i felt like throwing up. Made my way into the car, plomped down on the seat and sat there gasping for breath for ten minutes. Finally i revved the engine and tried to get into reverse gear. My hands were so weak and fatigued that i had to use both hands to pull it down, i started getting feverish and was hot all over. I also started making vomiting noises although nothing came out and practically made vomiting noises all the way home in the car. Gosh! I was vehemently steering my wheel all the way back, panged with intolerable pressure in my head.

Stupid exams! Made me like this! Grrrrrr.

I like Nan Quan Mama. It is this really hot Taiwanese band with a russian-sino lead singer chick.
Here is a video for your perusal.


Harry said...

Hey bro,

Glad you're a little better now. You shouldn't push yourself that much. Nice entry, and nice video. I have been sick these past few today, and today we had back to work, unwantingly.

Anyway, have a great day. Bye

Harry said...

Hey bro, I recently updated my blog too. Check it out. I have added 2 new links to it, one to my 'Australian Blog', and one to my 'Books Blog' current books I'm reading or have read. Hope you are well.