Thursday, June 01, 2006

A glance into the future.

What time is it? He rubbed his eyes and attempted to accomodate the surroundings. Saturday noon in the person's bedroom. Looked to the right and saw the person seated at the table. Intent on a pile of books. It has been a rocky one. But this morning it felt like day one.
He got up slowly and made his way to the study table peering over the person's shoulder to see what the person was up to... exam preparations.

His attention was drawn to the intrusive machinery down on the street from the apartment. From his perch on the tenth floor he could see the shape forming of the proposed park to revitalise the area north of the city.

He proceeded to talk to the person. He poured out his thoughts. He spoke about his concerns, about where they were going, what the future was, the expiry and where they would be exactly one year from now. Silence.

He said that he hoped everything would be going strong one year from this point. Saddened, he then brought up the topic of the person's leaving. How the person will be gone for good at the end of year. He said one year from now, after that park has finished construction he would visit the park and gaze back to the apartment window where they were once having this conversation. By that time, there would not be a trace left of the person. That bedroom window will be vacated, tenured by a new tenant.

The park has been completed. It is 10pm and he is making his way back to the car after a long day at work. He made a detour over the dew soaked grass of winter towards the centre of the park. Looking up, he saw that window. It finally came to pass. One year, and everything he predicted was what it was. Everything has changed since that saturday afternoon. That person... the person has long been gone. The park is ready and he?

He will always be around. The memory of that saturday afternoon etched into his memory forever.


Harry said...

Beautiful...even though it not.

Harry said...

I mean "Beautiful...even though it is not. (I can't seem to type this morning - look at me anally correcting myself) lol