Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The death of a student.

A milestone.

I finished my last examination for the rest of my life. I have finally completed university for good.

I made a detour to Chadstone Mall to reward myself after the exams. I had a $54 credit with Myers and i was looking around to see what i could get. So anything i buy i would receive a discount of $54. I was thinking of this $150 cardigan. I hate shopping at departmental stores. The things you get there are so not unique and not a "stand out". Everyone would have the same shit. I ended up not buying anything at all. I will use it to get an Aesop eye serum when i get the time.

Strangely, i picked up my Viola which i have not touched since high school orchestra. The case was all dusty but the wood of my Viola was so fragrant! It has aged gracefully. Well i played a few pieces that i used to perform in my school orchestra. Brought back a ton load of memories.

I just hit me... I am no more a student. An era of my life has ended... 16 years to be precise. I am in transition, and it is not a good mode to be in.

I like this video.

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Harry said...

It's a great feeling isn't it!!

I remember it. Such an awesome, feeling, like it would feel like to be born again. Emerge a new person. And to some extent, it would feel like what a prisoner feels like when he is finally set free.