Monday, June 12, 2006

Unlike any other day at work, today differentiated itself through our usually routined greetings and farewells.

A colleague of mine recently sent in his resignation to transfer to Queensland, and today would be the last day we would work together.

Wrapping up my task before signing off, i looked for Ram to say goodbye.

"Hey man i'm finished for today, heading off now... So i'll see you sometime soon?"

(Seriously, i knew that i was never going to cross paths again with Ram. I said it to create an illusion that this was yet another routine farewell every other working day.)

"Sure mate."

We shook hands firmly and he looked at me intently for a while. Somehow between that exchance of glances, we both realised... this was it. Through his eyes i could tell that he was making the last few seconds we had to remember this exchange, before i walked out through the door.

I smiled my biggest smile and left.

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Harry said...

This is so true in those exact circumstances. Except sometimes it can be really depressing if you really wanted to get to know that person more and you just can't.