Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feeling down.


Today i had some urgent thing in the city. So i was driving hastily along the freeway. Cutting into lanes and speeding and tailgating so the slow pokes would just fuck off into another lane.

I do not understand why i am such a different person behind the wheel. I become nasty, cruel and vindictive.

So i was cutting into lanes when i cut into an unmarked police car's. My music was blaring away and i began tailgating a Hyundai in front of me. All this while i was oblivious to the unmarked police car with the lights on pursuing after me. So the police drove to my side and made some hand gestures. Still oblivious, i sneered at him from behind my aviators and stuck up my middle finger nice and clear for him to relish.

Then i saw the blue and red lights.

My heart fell.

I pulled over.

I was given three demerit points.

And i am now in wait of the penalty in my mail.

Which could be up to $300.

I am now waiting for my friend to pick me up to go shopping.

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