Friday, June 30, 2006

My fears were realised this morning.

I got up this morning to find the house empty. Walked over to the kitchen counter to find three slips in red staring back at me. I was shattered.

Here were three slips notifying my of my driving offences. A total of 5 demerit points, and a total of $361 in fine.

Sigh... I do not know how to articulate my feelings through words. I called up a couple of my friends and totally lost it on the phone.

A very close friend of mine is having her birthday tonight, and my good mood is utterly annihilated. I do not understand why i always seem to loose money. It is like i can never attain that bank balance i am aiming for. Something suddenly appears and shits all over my hard work.

I have so many freaking expenses... Not to mention a friend who is here on holiday who just arrived today.

Even my mum was sympathetic to me the message she wrote next to my lunch on her way out.

Then i received a random email from Jimmy. It made me feel better.

I think i will not venture out of my house for a while. Stepping out of the door means the outflow of money.

I wish someone is here with me now.

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Harry said...

I would visit for company, but that is completely up to you.