Friday, August 25, 2006

And so I turned round for a hug, just after the elevator opened. Hesitation… That face, it just revealed so much. The glimpse of sadness that broke from the countenance. As if this was not the first time, as if this was just another countless encounters that never endured. I could literally see the thoughts that crossed the mind at that moment. I took a step backwards into the elevator. Never dropping my gaze as I watched the hand disappear behind the closing doors.

One night stand or not, it was for me to decide.


feryx said...

hey i went to beach club but i didn't see u there :) but it was pretty good i might go next week? will u be there?

Azza said...

yeah i was there. was only inside for 10 mins. no point in staying cos i couldnt get like 20 ppl in at once. wont be there next week. but you know whose name to use! hehe