Friday, August 18, 2006

August in Hong Kong last year and i stumbled into what i define as a true Fashion Magazine. Pictures and pictures only with advertisements and other useless lifestyle tips to the minimum. It is called Fashion News Men's. A Japanese fashion publication by the famous Japanese editor and stylist Tomoki Sukezane.

Literally, page 1 to the end are just photos. Photos of labels from the runway and fashion shoots by Sukezane himself. This is what a real magazine should be. One thing i can not tolerate is GQ and its ridiculous take on irrelevant and mostly overlooked topics of writing on food, nice cities to holiday in, POLITICS??? Debating politics in a supposedly fashion oriented magazine and then throwing in a few meagre pages of fashion shoots? Tsk.

It is hard to find quality men fashion magazines here. You can of course try Borders where they stock imported European ones or to small specialist magazine shops that has quite okay Taiwanese or Hong Kong publications. However the prices are pretty exorbitant, especially when you know they cost nothing in Asia.

So when a friend makes a trip to Hong Kong and beyond, i make it a point that they include at least an edition of Fashion News into their shopping basket.


sara said...

hi.. sorry for the spontaneous comment... this is sara, editor for fashion news/fashion news mens from japan. i happened to stumble across ur website and i was sooooo happy to read this entry!! our next issue, sukezane mens edition, is coming out on 16th september. weve put so much energy and enthusiasm and time into it w/ beautiful photography.. so i hope u get a chance to take a look at it!!

Azza said...

Hi sara. What a nice surprise. i do hope i am able to get my hands on your next issue but would probably get it early next year or so when i go overseas. love your work! so do you work directly under sukezane?