Monday, August 21, 2006

The Beach Club

I get asked why i seem promote for so many different clubs. When i first started out in 2003 my motives were obvious. My first year in university and i admit it was the perfect channel to amplify my social network exponentially.

But now, after going through all that youthful excitement of the initial exposure i promote wearily because:
- I am continually pestered by someone that goes way back.
- Friday nights of idleness solved by going to the club i promote.
- Do not need to buy drinks. Promoters given drink cards for the night.
- Free entry, for those periods when $15 could go a long long way.
- Decorative purposes for my Resume under "Extra-curricular Activities"


- I get to skip the line.


Xavier Sean said...

well well.... mind adding another to your trop of skipping the line? :p

azza said...

yea if your here in melb!