Monday, August 28, 2006


I want to congratulate myself for finally finding the enlightenment of knowing what pride in a friendship is, because before this I was dismal when references were made about it. I was clueless in what it meant.

Thank you to you for those subtleties that just concedes your inner world whose concept of friendship is alien as can be. You win? And then? What do you achieve after that? What do you achieve by making unconstructive critical conjectures of your friends? So some juvenile character passes you by with an aerated head as big as their ego with a litany of ideas on how others should conduct themselves as uncompromising and autocratic they may be. And so it ranges from their conduct, their thoughts, their spending, and every other aspect that is of absolute zilch relevance to the subject in discussion. So the juvenile is compelled to comment on everything. Even things whose discretion is of others’ own.

Pride? What the fuck are you on about? Since when was pride of relevance in a healthy friendship? I have NEVER had friendship like this. When it becomes so complicated, when each word is meant to undermine each other, when it feels like being scrutinized and when understanding your friend becomes a taxing task. Disgusting.

Characters like these perceive themselves as the holy grail of logic and practicality when in essence; people just give them the leeway. Why burst their bubble? Leave them be. I say inflate that bubble. So that dey be trippin’ on em’ face in the future.

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