Monday, August 14, 2006

I forgot why people go to night clubs.

The motives of the masses has been blurred. Some see it as a means to pick or to be picked up, to see or be seen, to socialise, to catch up, to be with your friends, to dance.

I received complimentary tickets on Friday to go to a party on Sunday in FFour with a guest DJ from Chicago playing soul-house. His name was Roy Davies Jnr.

So i just got back from a night i never expected would give me a different dimension of where clubbing could take you. The music incredible. NOT RnB or Hip Hop, NOT dance or techno, neither was it electronica or poppish dance music. It was somehow different to the house i have heard by Melbourne DJs. It was pure, soulful, house. It was sexy.

The crowd was great. Blacks, latinos and whites. From my vantage, the way i see it, the people were there purely to relax and chill to the music. No pretense.


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marcusmarc said...

nice kookin :)