Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The first time i was exposed and made aware of such occurences was through the program A Current Affair. There were stories of Men or Women in countries such as China, Indo China and the Middle East who paid a sum of money to someone in Australia so as to marry them and claim them as their lovers in order to get their foot into this country. Once acquiring citizenship or some visa, they separate and then lead their separate lives.

It was not as easy as it seemed though. They had to have proof to validate their relationship. Immigration required documents such as love letters and so forth.

So when a close friend of mine asked yesterday if i could "marry" her if her PR application is rebuffed, i... laughed.

Try as hard to decipher the tone of her voice if she was for real, i could not conclude if she was for real.

She turned out to be serious. So yeah, i agreed to.

or should i?

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