Thursday, August 31, 2006

Okay, to set the grounds of this conversation that took place on MSN, this particular Singaporean course mate has never initiated contact with me... except when he needed something.

Nerd Sick (Ben Hoh) says:
eh aaron u there?

gamble™ says:

gamble™ says:
what you need

(I already knew something was not right. You realise i went straight to the point. Its like "Alright alright i know whats up your sleeves just let it out." No need to beat around the bush.)

Nerd Sick says:
hahah i need ur old BUS 1100 assignment... i deleted mine

(hahah? he is laughing? As if he does not already feel bad that people know he is insincere. Rather he thinks it is funny.)

gamble™ says:
i knew it!

gamble™ says:
don't have it sorry

gamble™ says:
all gone long time ago

Nerd Sick says:
hhaah same also..i delete all those shit i finished

Nerd Sick says: alright nvm..ttyl!

(and that's it? "nevermind.. talk to you later?" later meaning: When i need something else from you i'll let you know. Talk about kiasu)


Dark Phoenix said...

Not all singaporean are kiasu man but what he did is a reflection on some singaporean...

Harry said...

I can't stop laughing.. Love your commentary! lol

Azza said...

Hahaha im being such a bitch aint i!