Saturday, August 05, 2006

Whoa! Hold it there!

What is this? This does not belong. It should not even have came close. But i am here. I am stuck.

I know this ground has been regurgitated a million times. But i am standing on this ground and this is what i have to say.

Yes... I was struck like a hot iron. That crucial second when you suddenly realised that you harboured some feelings for some unsuspecting person. Someone you never ever considered to be your interest.

That second has hit me, and there is no going back.

But i can not. Nothing of its nature is correct. I know i can not fight it. Feelings always get the better of me. I never win over my desires.

I am counting the cost of any decision i may pursue. I have to perpetrate yet another cliche, i will loose a friend. A good friend. Got the picture?


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